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Sunsign Display Sign

Sunsign Display Sign


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Sunsign Controls introduces its New Weatherproof Series of Signage Powered by the Sun. This signage features Advanced Night Illumination (ANI), 100% Solar Powered, Portable Signs that will Revolutionize the Display Sign Industry.

Solar Powered Extends the Signage into the Night

Harnessing the power of the sun with two full-sized solar panels, one on each side, maximum charging can occur even on cloudy or overcast days to illuminate the sign visibility into the night. State-of-the-art bright LED backlight lighting and controls provide automatic nighttime turn on. An AC power adapter is provided to allow for quick charging after lengthy storage without sun.

Double Sided Lighting with Independent Per-Side Graphics

Each sign is 2-sided and is capable of having either two similar or completely unique 3' x 2' graphics on each side. Both sides are automatically fully illuminated at nighttime for maximum visibility.

Weatherproof, Durable and Rugged Design

Sunsigns can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions. For extremely high wind areas or uneven coarse terrain applications, optional aluminum extendable legs are included and can be utilized. These legs also include a feature that allows a cable lock to be placed through them for added security in high traffic areas.

Portable and Fixed In-place Applications

With no power cords to worry about and an integral wheel option, each sign is fully portable and can be placed practically anywhere, including in roadside areas that often prohibit electrically illuminated signage. Wherever Sunsigns are placed, they always draw attention.

The Economical Solution for Maximum Customer Visibility

Sunsigns automatically provide an extra up to 7 hours of visibility of your signage into the evening hours. Never again leave a potential customer in the dark. If additional illumination beyond 6 hours is desired, use of the provided AC adapter is suggested.

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